Ferdinand and his prized scooter he purchased with revenue generated from cacao farming, Kamango DRC. (2015)
 Photographers jockey for the best position during a civil service wedding ceremony in Goma, DRC (2013)
 A woman leaps for joy as a soldier is acquitted of rape in Bweremana, DRC. (2013)
 Promo Jeune Basket players display their competitive fashion sense. Goma, DRC. (2014) 
 Students at ETN learn how to change a tire (Goma, DRC). 2014.
 Children play in the back of a classroom destroyed by a bomb in Kanyaruchinya, DRC. (2013)
 Masisi travel trouble. Masisi, DRC. (2014). 
 The party continues after the Amani Festival - the first ever international festival for peace held in North Kivu- closes down for the night in Goma, DRC (2014).
 Lokua Kanza performs at the Amani Festival in Goma, DRC. (2014).
 Researchers at UCBC in Beni, DRC practice flying the drone that enables them to properly map the city in hopes of mitigating land-based conflict. (2015)
 Fashion competitions demand high style at a secondary school in Goma, DRC. (2014).
 Tuning out the static in South Kivu, DRC.
 Buena Salsa members can't resist sneaking a dance in during their semi-annual board meeting. Goma, DRC (2014).
 Gaylord practices dunking on the PJB court in Goma, DRC. (2014)
 The commanding officer regards a military rape trial in Bweremana, DRC. (2013).
 "Take this picture!" Mai Mai soldier, Muhanga, DRC. (2011)
 Muzenze prison. Goma, DRC. (2014)
 Police-led sensitization on sexual violence, Kanyaruchinya, DRC. (2013).
 Timoté poses with his 'kinga' - his crank-operated wheel-chair bike in Mugunga III Internally Displaced Peoples camp. DRC. (2014)
 Portrait of Abedée. Mugunga III Internally Displaced Peoples camp, DRC. (2014)
 Portrait of Furaha. Mugunga III Internally Displaced Peoples camp, DRC. (2014).
 Nyiragongo Volcano. Virunga National Park, DRC. (2015)
 Sammy and his donkey. Petra, Jordan. (2015)
 Donkey 4. Petra, Jordan. (2015).
 Up to Angel's Landing. Zion National Park, Utah. (2015)
 Orderville Canyon, Utah, USA. 
 Overlook Mountain, Zion National Park, Utah.
 Castle Rock, Brenton-On-Sea South Africa (2016)
 Wreckage. Cape Point, South Africa (2016).  
 Royal Ibis. Cape Point, South Africa (2016)
 Black Oyster Catchers. Cape Point, South Africa (2016).
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