Aubrey P. Graham

Aubrey is a freelance photographer and media consultant based in Atlanta, GA. Her angle and style are informed by her PhD research on the social dynamics and politics of local and humanitarian photography, making much of her work a collaborative process with those featured in the images. 

Aubrey has photographed for IRIN News, SIPA, World Picture News, and a host of agencies and businesses, including BBOXX, Promo Jeune Basket, adidas AG and a range of local and international NGOs. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in the DRC, the European Commission, and across universities the USA, as well as in publications ranging from Social Dynamics: A Journal of African Studies to Foreign Policy. 

She has a PhD and MA in Anthropology from Emory University, a MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London (Social Anthropology of Development) and a BA from Colgate University (Sociology / Anthropology & French).

PS. In case you're curious, she wants you to know that no, she and "Drake" (also Aubrey Graham) are not the same person. 

PPS. Thanks to Benoit Almeras-Martino for the pic on this page. (Check out his work at